The Devil's Mask Society is represented in this podcast about getting past peer pressure, judging eyes, and getting back to what rope is about: connection, joy, art, sex, fun, whatever you and your partner choose to make it.

Then, as promised in Graydancer's Newsletter, there is an exclusive announcement from a VERY special guest - that takes Gray completely by surprise!

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Lochai, one of Graydancer's first teachers, honors him with an in-person interview where they talk about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous in the world of teaching kink. He outlines his concept on the differences between demonstrations, presentations, and education, and how mixing up the expectations of attendees causes a lot of unneeded grief. Along the way you get a lot of his humor, sarcasm, and more than a little ribbing of Gray during this visit to the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI.

It is regrettable that this interview was not able to be recorded in the sound proof Ropecast Studios, and as a result there is some annoying fan noise that appears in the podcast. By way of apology, the staff of the Ropecast have agreed to take a 50% cut in their salary in order to bring you this episode absolutely free of charge. 

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Graydancer covers some business (such as the upcoming GRUEs in San Fran, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and South Carolina) as well as giving kudoes to his fellow performers at Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza. Then it's full steam ahead into a ropetastic interview with Demonsix (of the Devil's Mask Society*) and KikoRope, a Japanese rope enthusiast who has performed as a model and rigger. She shares her insider perspective on Japanese rope bondage as well as some stories of how the "Old Guard" of rope did things back in the day!


*proud sponsor of the Ropecast, along with the Kink Academy.

Image: Kikorope had some fun suspending a gentleman. Used by permission.

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Graydancer shares some listener mail and corrections before we finish off the GRUE Pitt Fishbowl Discussion with: Tops answering the questions bottoms and switches wanted to ask!

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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Gray shares some of his experiences traveling for the past month, beginning with an interview with Jodi Bingham of the National Leather Association-Utah chapter as well as head of the Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies & Gentlemen of Leather

note: In the podcast, Gray mistakenly refers to Jodi as the head of the NLA-Utah chapter. That honor goes to Syr Big Dog. We apologize for the oversight.

Then it's back to the GRUE Pitt 3 Fishbowl, where bottoms answer penetrating questions like "Why do you always throw each other under the bus?"

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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Gray lays out the bare bones of the 2013 Shibaricon Concerns as well as the event's Response, with minimal commentary and hope for the future.

If you're tired of that whole thing, skip up to 19:33; it's on to happier subjects as the Switches at the GRUE Pitt 3 Fishbowl talk about the fun of playing both sides!

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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Get a taste of kink history as we interview Master Dave, a Los Angeles-based kinkster who has been doing this kind of thing for half a century. Then Gray does a post-RopenSpace wrap up with some of the facilitators, talking about the highlights of Friday afternoon at Shibaricon.

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After some clarification on the Japanese terms used in last week's Ropecast on the EEG of Ichinawa, Gray dives into an interview with the organizers of Pittsburgh's ROPENSPACE. The next one is October 12, 2013 - sign up now! 

Russ and Kashmira have been together for over 9 years. Together they run the Pittsburgh chapter of Rope Bite and facilitate the Pittsburgh RopenSpace. Russ is a top, sadist, fetish photographer and never takes himself too seriously. His redheaded partner in crime, Kashmira, is a self-affirmed rope slut and never takes Russ too seriously either. They have presented at Shibaricon, Winter Wickedness, OhioSMART, Black Rose, several GRUEs and various regional events.

This podcast was produced with the help and sponsorship of the Devils Mask Society and listeners like you

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During the month of April, Graydancer wrote almost every day with a letter of the alphabet as the theme as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge. Poetic decided it would be a good idea to read each entry. The result is this epic podcast (One Hour Thirty-Six Minutes!) of sexy brains and mellifluous voices coming together.

Well, not always. But occasionally. If you'd like the pics that go with each entry, visit the April 2013 archive at and check 'em out. Poetic also has an awesome blog which is well worth reading.

As usual, thanks go to the Devils Mask Society for sponsoring this podcast, as well as to individual donations from listeners like you!

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Thanks to the Kink Academy, this podcast begins with a conversation between Graydancer and the Control Enthusiast himself, JP Robichaud. They talk about the idea of process vs. product as it applies to rope bondage, and how pictures may be the ruin of a good rigger. 

After taking care of some schedule updates (and reminding you of the discount code ROPECAST for Debauchery NC) Gray goes into listener mail and answers a question about how to work within a more limited range of motion when tying up a bottom. The link to the full show notes is here, but the quick link to the archived show on bondage and fibromyalgia is here.

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