The Ropecast has already been banned from the Apple APP store as inappropriate. If SOPA/PIPA passes, it could be banned from everything else, as well.

You want the right to listen to/watch what you want as a consenting adult? Make the call. Stop the Wall.

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As demanded by the Ropecast audience, the traditional "Use the Big Hole!" shout out. This refers to the tradition as taught by Osada Steve and other riggers to pass rope through the "big hole" rather than try and go through tiny spaces. If you ever hear it at events, you'll know that Osada Steve, Lqqkout, Zamil, and others have been mentioned in the class.

Use at your own risk...

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An early holiday gift for you all: this PDF, suitable for high-quality printing, is a December calendar featuring some ropework by Graydancer, featuring the lovely Alegra as photographed by My Wife Bound.

If you'd like to fill your 2008 with similar calendars, visit and click on the "donate" button. $12 will guarantee you a monthly delivery of similar artwork to your inbox all year long. Subscriptions are only offered through the month of December, though, so sign up now...
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Just a quick welcome to anyone visiting us from Escape Pod. While it may seem that we've only got a couple of 'casts here, that's because we recently moved from the Podshow and are in the process of slowly getting the archives here. A new episode of the Ropecast, talking about our recent encounter with the GRUE will be uploaded tonight, so come back, or press that subscription button now. And thanks, Steve, for asking me to read the Sundial Brigade. It was a lot of fun.
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