Hedwig has a long and in-depth interview with internationally renowned kinbaku artists Kanna and Kagura.

They cover not only the usual questions about rope training, education, and performance, but also deeper topics such as what goes into an intense rope partnership and Kanna's experience coming out as transgender in the Japanese rope community. They also talk about rope injury, the roots of hojo jutsu, and the fun of "going hard" (semeru).

It is one of the most touching and personal interviews ever put on the Ropecast, and we are immensely grateful to Hedwig, Kanna-san and Kagura-san for sharing it with us. Below is an example of their performance style.

Nawashi Kanna & Kagura performing at the II. Viennese Rope Festival (March2014) from Shibari Dojo Vienna on Vimeo.

In order to preserve the words of the bakushi and model in their own voices, this podcast was produced with minimal editing. Feedback? E-mail Graydancer!

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The award-winning authors and energetic sex experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson were making their pilgrimage to the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI and Graydancer was able to snag some of their time for an interview. 

While Gray was skeptical at first, Mark and Patricia were clear-spoken, humorous, and down-to-earth with practical explanations of how tantric concepts can relate to kink. Listen and see if you agree: there are definite connections and things to learn from these Partners in Passion!


Note: the URL mentioned in the podcast is not correct. Patricia and Mark can be found at http://www.michaelsandjohnson.com/.

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I could try and play it off as a teaser, but the fact is that there was a file mixup and the interview released Friday was more of a fragment. 

Here's the main course! Hedwig asks Naka Akira many frank questions from the efficacy of carabiners to the meaning of kinbaku to what it's really like working with famous photographers like Sugiara Norio.

Listen to a pioneer of rope bondage history speak in his own words!

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One of the most revered bakushi in rope bondage, Naka Akira, gives a rare glimpse into his own history and passion in this short interview. The founder of "Naka-Ryu" talks about how a brush with death gave him greater focus on what he wanted to do in life: beautiful bondage with his brief but inspiring words.

This part of the Ropecast Interview Series was made possible by Hedwig, and we are eternally grateful to her for her support and friendship...

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Graydancer goes all literate with an interview with author Pablo Greene. His new book "How to Kill a Superhero" is like a cross between Laura Antoniou and Dan Brown, with hair-raising chases, hot man-on-superhero lovin', and BONDAGE! This podcast is cleverly divided into "non-spoiler" and "spoiler" sections, so if you haven't read the book, you'll know when to stop listening.


At the end of the podcast, Gray mistakenly says that you can buy the book via HowToKillASuperHero.com. The link is actually HowToKillASuperHero.net, and you can not only buy the book, you can read the first chapter free, check out Pablo's tumblr, as well accessing other resources like this cosplay guide.

But wait, there's more!

Pablo also gave ropecast listeners access to a bonus story: "High and Tight." Download it, read it, and spread the SuperHero Kink! Be sure to stop and say hi to Pablo at International Mr. Leather in Chicago as well, where he'll be at an author's book signing!

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Gray celebrates nine years of kinky rope podcasting with his biggest interview ever: Hajime Kinoko! This rope artist is one of the rising stars of Japanese rope bondage and is both carrying on the tradition of kinbaku as well as blazing his own path with an avant-garde style that leaves people breathless - and we're not just talking about the models! Gray talks with him about photographers, connection, and even delves into the true meaning of ichi-nawa.


This podcast is made possible through the support of the Devils Mask Society of LA.

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Part 2 of the interview with Lee Harrington, where he and Gray talk more about the Rope Life. You can find part one here, and help make More Shibari You Can Use a reality by contributing to the IndieGoGo page here!

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Osaka rope artists Saki Kamijoo and Aya Yuuki join the Ropecast to talk about life as Rock & Roll Riggers in Japan. Saki (who has been called the "Fastest Hands in the East" by Graydancer) and Aya talk about teaching, learning, playing, boots, gas masks, pain, pleasure, performance and, of course, lots of ROPE!

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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Thanks to the continued support of the Devil's Mask Society, Graydancer is joined on the Ropecast by Kazami Ranki, a Japanese bondage performer and teacher based in Osaka. With the translation help of Kikoropes and support from Demonsix, they talk about the worldwide rope scene, connection, competition, and just how tough bottoms can be.

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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My passion is using ropes as an art medium
and painting the human body like a canvas
using Japanese delicate style of rope bondage.
- Kasumi

With the translation help of Kikorope (who you met in the last Ropecast) and technical support from the Devil's Mask Society, we have an interview with a fantastic rope artist from Japan: Hourai Kasumi.

Based in Nagoya, Japan, Kasumi started as a model for Akechi Denki and later studied with Hajime Kinoko before developing her own style, which has been called "as beautiful as it is precise." Since that time she has created her own body of work photographically, on DVD, and performing internationally (most recently in Sydney, Australia). Her website is a treasure trove of rope bondage, and you can meet her in person if you travel to L.A. for the upcoming Los Angeles GRUE or to her upcoming workshops in Kansas City. 

In this exclusive interview, you can hear her talk about her philosophy of rigging, her methods of improving connection, and even the true meaning of "nawashi"! 

Please note this podcast has been edited for English-speaking listeners.

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