Thanks to the Kink Academy, this podcast begins with a conversation between Graydancer and the Control Enthusiast himself, JP Robichaud. They talk about the idea of process vs. product as it applies to rope bondage, and how pictures may be the ruin of a good rigger. 

After taking care of some schedule updates (and reminding you of the discount code ROPECAST for Debauchery NC) Gray goes into listener mail and answers a question about how to work within a more limited range of motion when tying up a bottom. The link to the full show notes is here, but the quick link to the archived show on bondage and fibromyalgia is here.

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This ropecast starts with an on-the-spot interview with Min, President of the Leather Rose Association in Chicago. He came to Madison to talk about leather, so of course Gray asks him about rope!

Then, after a few announcements, Gray fulfills a listener's request that he respond to The Love Bite podcast about competitive BDSM. Is it a problem in the rope world? Does a bear wear a funny hat?

If you haven't listed to the Love Bite podcast (RIP), you can find it here

Remember you can also get a $20 discount on your Debauchery NC registration by using the code "ropecast" at registration!

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Part 3 of the Devils Mask Society discusses different learning styles for rope & rope groups, as well as the contents of the DMS Rope Bag!

This podcast is made possible through a generous donation from the Devils Mask Society, an LA resource for people serious about kinbaku. If you'd like to help support the Ropecast, please make a donation!

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