Graydancer brings back the Ropecast with an interview with the best rope performers he's ever seen: Jack the Whipper and Zahara. They talk about how their relationship informs their performances, as well as thoughts about kink in general. 

Also, for those listening during Thanksgiving weekend, this is a great time to support the Ropecast by subscribing to the Kink Academy for a year for only $75! Click on to get the best kink educators available online year round 24/7.

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Graydancer spends some time with Lochai and Bendyogagirl at the lovely Ramblewood campground in Maryland. They talk about issues in kink, the occasional crisis of Rope, and the possible End of the Ropecast..

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Graydancer interviews the folks from VASE and the Vermont GRUE about their experience during the first ever GRUEmont, during pancakes, rope, and merriment the Morning After.

Like what you hear? Come to the next GRUE in Pittsburgh, or the one after that in Columbus, or try something GRUE-like at the Shibaricon RopenSpace!

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Happy Birthday! Episode 1 of the Ropecast launched seven years ago today. In podcast years, that's like 67!

Enjoy part 2 of the interview with Delano Bound, with some great thoughts on establishing connection, negotiation, and a vision of a hotter, sexier community through communication. Also, Monty Python, Shakespeare, Sir Laurence Olivier, & Dustin Hoffman. Gray also goes into one of his old-school rants about this obsession with safety that seems so pervasive of late...

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Graydancer and Delano Bound talk about the issues and responsibilities of being a bottom, ranging from a first-time rope bunny to a world-class performer.

Also, you have five, count 'em, five chances to get your GRUE on before Shibaricon!

  1. Vancouver GRUE, March 2-4
  2. Detroit GRUE, March 9-12
  3. Vermont GRUE, April 20-22
  4. GRUE Pitt, April 27-29
  5. Columbus GRUE May 18-21

And be sure to wish Ropecast alum DoNotGoGently good luck in her run for International Ms Leather!

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The Ropecast has already been banned from the Apple APP store as inappropriate. If SOPA/PIPA passes, it could be banned from everything else, as well.

You want the right to listen to/watch what you want as a consenting adult? Make the call. Stop the Wall.

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Gray interviews Mia Martina, author of the I Want Your Sex podcast and the new book A Year of Sex. This marks Mia's return to the Ropecast after a couple of years, and she shares her many amazing sexual exploits - as well as a lot she's learned about life, love, and why you shouldn't play ABBA at play parties.

This podcast brought to you courtesy of some very generous donors including Mataleao and MauiKink. Feel free to help keep the Ropecast going by contributing at the Donation Page!

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