Graydancer interviews Lochai & Poetic Desires about shooting porn, plays a recording of his Erotic Literary Salon reading of an original Rope Erotic piece , and talks about the Rigger's Dilemma...

WARNING: the middle part of this podcast (from about 21:11 to 32:30) contains very explicit erotic content, so please exercise caution and/or lube when listening.

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Gray touches base with Dakadom and discusses his philosophy of connection, dominance, and sensation, with a bit of yoga thrown in just to make Bendy happy! They also talk about his innovative portable suspension frame, the Tetruss. You can see more of Dakadom on the Kink Academy.

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Graydancer interviews Felix Ruckert, the Father Figure of, shortly after the Berlin GRUE. As you can see from his work here, the man knows rope - see how he knows dance too! Plus, the promised "Sock Puppet" song by Naomi Fearn is played in all its glory.

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Hedwig, sukebe supreme & sexy boots on the ground for the London GRUE, hijacks the Ropecast and interviews Gray about his EuroGRUE experience.

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Gray visited Las Vegas to speak at the Erotic Author's Association Conference and got to attend Reverse Tensionz, the Las Vegas rope group! Hear from some of the members about the great space and rope community they have there at the Erotic Heritage Museum.

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Gray speaks with people all over the states, from coast to coast, with a hodgepodge of interviews, some of which are incredibly hot, recorded for your enjoyment!

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Gray talks about

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Fresh (if that can be the word for it) from Dark Odyssey Fusion, Graydancer shares a couple of interviews with kinky rope folk at the Ramblewood Campground. He's heading back there soon for RopeCamp, and the Cat who dragged him there talks up her event and why the rope community needs to get outside for some fresh air.

Then Gray takes you in for some questions from Formspring about what happens when your closest friends are people you see once or twice a year, and the real meaning of "showing off". Finally he does a blow-by-blow (not THAT kind of blow, you perv/druggie) account of his scene with Mollena, and why sometimes you gotta cut the psychological rope.

Look for Graydancer and DoNotGoGently next at TEASE in Canada, and then he's off to the Bondage Capitol of the World, Madison WI for MADTOWNKINKFEST.

***this just in***

Get you tickets now for the Seattle GRUE coming up August 19-21, 2011 at the Center for Sex Positive Culture! More information at !

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Graydancer shares good, bad, and ugly emails from the month of May. He also lets you hear the song sensation sweeping Shibaricon: The Rope Touch (click to download single). You can also get the lyrics on Fetlife.

Special thanks to Scott Paul Designs for the T5, MauiKink for the Brat Bats used on Mollena, and ShibariRopes for the jute I used on DoNotGoGently in Zamil's classes.

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Sponsored by, this Ropecast features

Can you help Gray come up with more interesting situations for his RACK Roleplay class at Shibaricon? Email him! Or just let him know how you like the podcast, either here or on iTunes!

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