Graydancer brings you the conclusion of the interview with Master K talking about the Japanese art of Kinbaku and other aspects of the rope bondage practiced there.

MauiKink is the new sponsor of the Ropecast, and you can easily get some samples of their rope to see what you think of exotics like "Milk-Latte", "Coconut", or the eagerly anticipated Cashmere rope. Email with the samples you'd like to try, found at

Also: Lew Rubens spontaneously stopped by Madison, WI, treating the Bondage Capitol of the World to an impromptu rope workshop, and might come by a city near you!

Graydancer also talks about the proposed Rope Pride Flag, and some of the issues surrounding it.

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Graydancer urges you to come out to Washington D.C. and attend Graydancer's Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza, this time with that special After-GRUE flavor!

Then it's right into part one of an interview with Master K, who has some very exciting news about his book The Beauty of Kinbaku.

And in case you missed it, you can purchase a day on the New York City SexBlogger's Calendar and get a special bonus from Graydancer - but only if you act fast!

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Graydancer and DoNotGoGently give a special overview of the classes, events, and people at the Detroit GRUE. If you like what you hear, remember you can sign up now for the DC GRUE in late August, the St. Louis GRUE in September, or the Connecticut GRUE in October!

Learn the secrets of the Oreo Cookie Suspension Fetish, Graydancer's Tips for Dealing with Cops, and hear about the wonderful folks CreativeSir brought together in Detroit for its first ever GRUE!

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Graydancer talks about pets, aliens, and community building before focusing on an interview with his Middle Daughter about growing up Queer in a sex-positive household.

Also, Sign up now for the DC GRUE, with special After-GRUE action! August 27-29th, come one, come all, come often!

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As demanded by the Ropecast audience, the traditional "Use the Big Hole!" shout out. This refers to the tradition as taught by Osada Steve and other riggers to pass rope through the "big hole" rather than try and go through tiny spaces. If you ever hear it at events, you'll know that Osada Steve, Lqqkout, Zamil, and others have been mentioned in the class.

Use at your own risk...

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In this video podcast, you can come behind the scenes and experience the Highly Serious Art of Rigging a Dame. Filmed entirely on location mere hours from the Bondage Capitol of the World, this shoot with M.Mayhem of Blacklight Studios ( features the lovely FaerieRing along with a cast of thousands...most of whom are unseen.


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