Graydancer shares an entry from the "Michigan Bestiary" themed Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway, by Vague, and talks about a great resource created by RiggerJay called the "Be Knotty" wiki. Then he travels back in time to the Boston GRUE, with all the fun and festivities at the tail end of that event.

In an interview with Ropeboi, you can learn how listening to the Ropecast can get you more rope play. Really! And then it's off to Black River Falls and the SpankFestival: Twisted Tryst for an interview with Scathe, an up-and-coming sex educator from Chicago.

You've still got about a week to send in your entries for the final Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway! Photos, prose, even iambic pentameter all qualify - or just register for the Detroit GRUE and be automatically entered to win the $50 gift certificate!
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Gray takes you on a whirlwind tour through a day and a half of shibaricon, with riggers, ropesluts, sukebes, authors, teachers, performers, and even an entire class of Tie 'Em Up & F**k 'Em enthusiasts. All of this along with the announcement of the latest winner of the Twisted Monk/Ropecast Giveaway, awarded at the recent Boston GRUE.

Now, time to gear up for the Detroit GRUE coming up in late June!

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Stephen Lenius, columnist, author, and community leader, speaks with Gray about communities and his new book, Life, Leather, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Gray also acknowledges the passing of a friend, Class-A-Dom, and asks that you consider donating to the Leather Heart Foundation, which has helped the family of this leader during their time of grief.
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