Graydancer invites two of The Usual Suspects to the Ropecast for a three-country two-continent Skyperiffic interview. Hear all about such amazing concepts as Linguistic Color Coding and the infamous "Towel Track" (which should become a staple in all unconferences, in my opinion. OohSpicy and Nachtschade share the secrets of their successful kinky event in Amsterdam and their hopes for the future EuroGrUE. We're still looking for a U.K. SexyBootsOnTheGround organizer!

Special thanks to KinkyRopes and MauiKink for supporting our program!

DoNotGoGently does her review of MauiKink's Mohair, Coconut, and Yak rope in a truly unique way: while tying herself up in it. With a little help from her resident rope top, she manages to give her take on these unusual bondage ropes. You can also read FitToBeTied & RedHotGeorgia's take on things as well over at their blog.

Starting Dec. 14th Graydancer will be in San Francisco for a month, attending an Open Space Facilitator's Unconference to better GrUE in the future. If you'd like to help support his work and make a better GrUE in 2011, feel free to donate (thanks, WryGuy!).

You can also join Graydancer at the Wicked Grounds Holiday Dinner on Dec. 22nd, and win free bondage lessons!

Direct download: ropecast12.10.10.mp3
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Graydancer kicks off the holiday season with a gasp, live from the .

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Madison S'GrUE
  • Feel relieved that Graydancer's finally getting TRAINED in this Unconference stuff!
  • Hear about the astonishing upcoming Rope Dojo with Midori!
  • Catch Mollena on Polyweekly
  • Get FREE rope from!
  • Check out the upcoming auction of a rare bondage magazine from 1972!
  • Beware the dangers of untrained, unsupervised PUN PLAY
  • And finally, get in the Holiday Spirit with a special Maui Kink recipe for a Hawaiian Holiday Gingerhead Lady!

All this and more (plus the new intro and outro music from the Diablo Swing Orchestra!

Direct download: ropecast112210.mp3
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In the first Ropecast since relocating to Pittsburgh, Graydancer shares various segments recorded on his recent travels from coast to coast, including

Other thanks go to Bre and her boy for helping out Naiia and me in the Military Style Bondage class at Truly Bound.

Direct download: Ropecast_110410.mp3
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This is part two of a joint podcast done with Raven Lightholme of the Freedom of Fetish Podcast. You can find part one here, and while it's not totally necessary to enjoy this podcast, you'd be missing out on a lot of fun and interesting commentary if you didn't listen there first.

You can also check out rope bondage and make-out videos created by Raven & Graydancer at the Kink Academy!

Special thanks to Adventures in Sexuality for sponsoring this podcast through the donation of a beautiful suspension frame direct from AIS Kink Labs! You can come and see the frame yourself at the Madison GRUE Nov. 12-14, 2010.

Direct download: FreedomOfRopeFetishCast2.mp3
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Just a bit of silliness to go along with the wonderful folks at the NYC Rope Bomb Squad. I plan on being part of it the night of October 18th!

Direct download: RopeBomb.mp3
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Graydancer talks about the various kink experiences had between Folsom Faire and NYC, including:

With side trips into the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Party with Tied Up Events and even occasional spontaneous moments of song. Whew! Packed with content, this is one big hunka gooooooooood rope!

See Graydancer yourself in NYC at two classes coming to the island: Tie Em Up & F**k Em and ShadowPlay: Exploring the Intimate Edge. Get your tickets now!


Direct download: RopeCast100810.mp3
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Graydancer goes over some of the highlights of Paradise Unbound (including the Military Style bondage class pictured here). Then he dives into the events at the GRUE in the Lou, paying special attention to the Rope, Ritual, & Symbolism discussion. Kinky Intellectual Goodness in every bite!

Direct download: Ropecast100910.mp3
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A bit delayed due to a short trip to Paradise, the Ropecast returns with a recap of the events surrounding the DC GRUE, as told by the merry band of survivors who braved the AfterGRUE. Special thanks to Evan 15423 for organizing the event, and Twisted_View for kicking my virtual butt to get this podcast out. Also to DoNotGoGently and the entire Crucible Staff for their assistance in making the event work.

You can read about other people's DC GRUE Experiences on Fetlife:


XaleD's Blog Entry

And you can join up to come to your own GRUE in the near future:

photo courtesy of Cherry Coke; DoNotGoGently in Lewbari-style marionette suspension.


Direct download: Ropecast091410_DCGRUE.mp3
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The conclusion of an in-depth interview about the History of BDSM with author Peter Tupper, whose new book "The Innocent's Progress" is due out any day from Circlet Press. I first came across Peter's work in Like a Wisp of Steam, an anthology of steampunk erotica, so I'm thrilled at the chance to talk about the history of Master/slave as an erotic model, the role of cultural media in what it is we do.

Direct download: Ropecast082410_PeterTupper2.mp3
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This podcast features:

  • a Ropecast Vocabulary Primer,
  • news about rope pride patches
  • a discount code for Ropecast Listeners from MauiKink: GDTC15 for 15% off most things!
  • Then it's an interview with Peter Tupper, kink historian and author of the forthcoming "Innocent's Progress" coming from Circlet Press (check out their steampunk erotica anthology "Like a Whisp of Steam" for a taste of his work!)

Send your comments, questions, or pictures of beautifully bound boobies & buttocks to, or follow on Twitter at

Direct download: Ropecast0080610_PeterTupper1.mp3
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