Welcome to the first ropecast of the new administration, still sponsored by TwistedMonk.com!

Graydancer talks about upcoming events and happenings, such as

  1. the Madison GRUE Feb. 6-8
  2. Rope Workshop in New Orleans Jan. 24th
  3. The Re-Release of the FREE Nawashi eBook
  4. A couple of online coupon codes from Extreme Restraints and KinkyRopes.
  5. His rope work featured on some of Chanta Rose's website as well as Hogtied.com this month. 

Then on to the main event: Kogure, fetish model extraordinaire, was visiting Master K, and took the time to answer questions and talk about the fetish scene in Japan. Special thanks to DemonSix for helping to set it up.

Jugoya- Rope from Arisue Go

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The Black Phoenix Winter Solstice event in Philly is the subject of this podcast, with appearances by Dov, Sascha, Shibari Warrior, David Laurence, Slave Judy, Lord Ramirez, Janette, Ammre, Mataleao, Jay Wiseman, NCD, Jocasta of Venus Ropes, & more. Learn about "dungeon penalty calls," hear about the great community there in Philly, and cower at the awesome concept of the "MEN OF ROPE!!"

Graydancer also discusses the proper pronunciation of kinbaku, and announces both an upcoming interview with Japanese bondage star Kogure and the upcoming Madison GRUE.

If you've ever wanted to individually sponsor the Ropecast, now is a good time - there's also the "Wish you were here" sale on Graydancer's book "NAWASHI". $15 gets you an autographed copy, shipping and handling paid - just as if you were standing there getting it in person. Contact graydancer@gmail.com to pay through AlertPay and let us know what the inscription should read!
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