Part two of my interview with Cunning Minx and Mollena Williams on the etiquette and play practices with single subs (especially mostly Mono ones) in the BDSM scene. Also, a response to the podcast about the speed and source of a rope top's education!
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Graydancer welcomes the Cunning Minx and Mollena Williams to the show to talk from a single submissive's perspective on what it's like to be in a mostly poly-BDSM world. Part one of two, this interview raises some fascinating points of etiquette and scene behavior that should be food for thought for tops, bottoms, switches, and many other species in the kink jungle.

Want to comment? Email Graydancer or visit for more!

Also, some info on the upcoming Jimi Tatu seminar at the Boston Rope Group!
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Graydancer rants a bit (the beer helps) about frustrations with teaching suspension at general-purpose kink events. Then, a much nicer interview with Master K, author of The Beauty of Kinbaku, about some interesting new research he and his team have uncovered.

Special thanks to Dr. Clockwork, one of our individual sponsors, who has given Ropecast Listeners a 20% off coupon! Listen to the podcast find out how to use yours.

The other individual sponsor is Aja Ropes, who is raising money to help a member of our rope folks family pay for dialysis costs. If you can help by ordering some of their great rope, 10% will go to the Matt Rowane fund. You can also directly donate by sending to this address:

Matthew Rowane Benefit Fund
c/o Bank of Edwardsville
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Graydancer interviews the creators of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar, talks about ZombiBondage, and recounts tales of the CONN-GRUE!

note: the Zombie image of Evinxiamor on this and was removed at her request. When I find a suitable illustration, I will put it up.
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Graydancer began making bondage videos many years ago - some would say before he really should have, considering the way the rope is handled in this "tutorial." Looking at it now, in its digitally remastered and augmented glory, it is a quaint part of the Ropecast history (nÃe "Ropeweekly"). Besides, genevieve is hella hot.

So take a look at what happens when a guy with a dance degree decides to do a "breast bondage" tutorial...
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Graydancer presents part two of his interview with Claire Adams, bondage model, slave, pro-dom, and ropetrepreneur. Claire reveals what's in her rope bag, the extremes she and her owner Damon Pierce go to in private, and talks about the joys and responsibilities of being a "kink coach."

Then there's an update on the Hartford, CT GRUE that's on the way - with 71 confirmed attendees including Dov, Mataleao, Suzanne SexySadist, Murphy Blue, and all the way from Seattle, Twisted Monk himself.

After that, some thoughts on playing with rope on varying body types from Graydancer, fresh from COPE and Dark Odyssey.

Remember you can always call the Ropecast hotline at 608-432-ROPE! Email comments to Graydancer, to avoid spam at this blog, please.
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Graydancer begins the Final Ropecast...on his poor dying MacBook, anyway. Future episodes will be gratefully produced on a new MacBook Pro provided by an Anonymous Donor - to whom Graydancer and all Ropecast listeners owe a great debt of thanks.

Have you made plans for April 2010 yet? Make sure they include Beyond Leather - the third year for this event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with a pansexual kinky community-building atmosphere that can't be beat. We're trying to buy out the hotel this year, so register early, and get your rooms while you can! Visit either or the Fetlife site for more information.

Also, the Hartford, CT GRUE is on a roll! Take a look at the plethora of kinksters coming or thinking about it on the FetLife page, and then contact Murphy Blue (bluerisk on FetLife) to find out how you can register.

Our main content is part one of an extensive interview with the amazing Claire Adams, of,, and the brand-new You can also see some of her work on by visiting some of the sample galleries like these (of course, the best stuff you get after you join).

You can email your comments to Graydancer, or call the Ropecast Hotline at 608-432-KNOT. Follow the Ropecast on twitter to find the next Ropecast Livestream, sometime during 9-12 or 9-13, with model Amaya Solace!
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This episode of the Ropecast tested a new feature: live video recordings of the podcast. Visit the Ropecast Livestream to see the process. While this first Livestream is just Gray's talking head, next weekend at COPE he promises to have model Amaya Solace on for some much more entertaining shenanigans.

Graydancer celebrates the launch of his new novel, Nawashi~Jujun, by interviewing author Anneke Jacob, author of "As She's Told." Also, commentary on the intersection of the rope and leather worlds.

NEWS FLASH! Rope Rider, interviewed in the previous Ropecast, has announced that Bound in Boston has secured Lee Harrington for a special presentation on Rope & Breath at the Sept. 12-13 con! Also, Nix Nepenthe will be moderating a discussion panel for rope bottoms.

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Graydancer interviews RopeRider from the group. Plus, a special song: Sociafascianazilisticmarxpialidocious!
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Graydancer interviews Mollena Williams, the Perverted Negress, at, and then goes sailing in search of fund raising ideas with the crew of Monkeyfetish.
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