Graydancer interviews Master K about his book, The Beauty of Kinbaku.
Happy solstice, everyone, from all of us here at the ropecast!
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Special Guest Sascha talks with Graydancer about the Humiliation Play class presented by them at the Toronto GRUE - with some unexpected twists and results.
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Graydancer lists some of his favorite gifts, like Batman and Lagavulin, then realizes the true spirit of the holidays and suggests gifts for other people:

  1. Rope: What, you thought something else? Jute is 2-for-1 at, and if you're fast you can get some Equality rope for a good cause at Twisted Monk.
  2. Calendars: Because being kinky takes all year. Take your pick of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar and/or Gassed Girls. Hey, who only has one calendar? Get both!
  3. Books: Seasonal choices are either Master K's Beauty of Kinbaku or the Two Knotty Boy's forthcoming Back on the Ropes.
  4. E-books: How about my own Nawashi? Oh, read it? Well, the Lust Chronicles is choc-full (or is that cock-full?) of kink, and Ropecast listener Peter Tupper's story in A Whisp of Steam is quite simply the best erotica I've ever read.
  5. Porn: Let's face it, we should get each other what we really want, but don't feel able to buy for ourselves. Porn! I talk about my personal favorite porn vendor, Chanta Rose (because I directed an upcoming segment for one of her sites)
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wedge Steampunk
* www.crabfu.comâdiy_steampunkfrom your listener called AlphaCat (in Arizona)
* I've been working on a book and blog about the history of BDSM, and a lot of it started in the Victorian Era. See I also have a story in Circlet Press' steampunk erotica anthology, Like a Wisp of Steam - Peter Tupper
* Like a Wisp of Steam: Five erotic steampunk stories. Lust & leaping 'technologie' meet in a Victorian era that never was. Jason Rubis, Thomas S. Roche, Vanessa Vaughn, Peter Tupper, and Kaysee Renee Robichaud create fascinating tales of airships, corsetry, mad scientists, and drama.

* LiveJournal site for Steampunk Fashion for some inspiration.


Best of luck, Steph
* Jeffery Scott, 1019
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Graydancer corrects some wrong answers, talks about books, NaNoWriMo, and hip harnesses, and then recounts some lessons learned in his time rigging for The Twisted Factory & Chanta Rose
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1. Graydancer starts by answering listener questions about rope scene etiquette and passes on a question to listeners: how do you get your oiled ropes conditioned evenly?

2. Another listener shares his awesome experience with his submissive putting to use some of the skills learned in Graydancer's "Defining Moment" class. 

3. Future travel plans such as Oakland, CA, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Orleans, and more are announced. 

4. Graydancer talks about Steampunk Kink as he is writing a novel with a steampunky kinky heroine. Want to help? Send your most interesting steampunky kinky picture/idea/story whatever to Graydancer within the next two weeks ( and you can win a giftcard for any of the hotness at (including Graydancer's own "Bondage Workshop" or Sabrina Fox's video clips site). Other steampunk resources such as the fetlife group are mentioned, and you can see Graydancer's NaNoWriMo progress for yourself  .

 5. Finishing out the podcast is a soliloquy    on why kink is like meatloaf (the meal, not the singer)

Check out the redesigned!
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A recorded "Fishbowl" discussion from the Toronto GRUE. Switches, doms & subs all discuss questions about their kink and also the use of mind-altering substances in BDSM.

Also, the auction for a character role in Graydancer's next novel has been won! Details to follow, but if you wanted to bid, I'm sorry, you're too late.
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After a quick review of rope from St. Louis, Gray shares his Toronto GRUE audio blog, including polite subways, a trip to Northbound Leather, Klingon profanity, and licorice. Also, learn how to become a character in Gray's upcoming novel!
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Graydancer talks about the COPE class done with Rita Seagrave and they review an Extreme Restraints Flogger. Listen for the discount code for your own order from ER!

Then there's talk about:
  1.  Toronto GRUE,
  2. the SexBlogger's Calendar Project,
  3. Clips4Sale and
  4. Graydancer's new podiobooks novel Jujun,
Gray closes with an interview with Dan from Blue Cat Services about spiritual sex work.

And don't forget his new blog feature: the Unsolicited Boobies of the Day!
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Graydancer interviews Mistress Mayhem, photographer from Spankfestival, and talks about what goes into a good rope photo (aside from Sabrina Fox, that is). Then there's some updates on the upcoming GRUE in Toronto and Graydancer's new podiobook, Jujun. Then there's another great interview with Midori, who talks about her RopeDojo intensive coming up in Kansas City.
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