Hear Rita Seagrave's commentary on a couple of erotic Vegas shows, thanks to the sponsors of the Ropecast Tour (especially TheControlEnthusiast.com and Ropeoptica), and a primer for a bondage vocabulary to take south of the border into Mexico. Bonus! A question from the Nylon Enthusiast answered...

If you're wondering how to subscribe to the Ropecast, the easiest way is to go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/ropecast and use the big orange subscription button. Or you can open up iTunes, click on "Advanced" in the top menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste that url  (http://feeds.feedburner.com/ropecast)  into the box. That will get you good and subscribed.

You can also listen to the Ropecast directly via your web browser here, and also download the actual MP3 files. Remember, nothing says "I Love You" this holiday season like a Ropecast mix CD.  If you're looking for archived Ropecasts, there are some still at the old site .


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An early holiday gift for you all: this PDF, suitable for high-quality printing, is a December calendar featuring some ropework by Graydancer, featuring the lovely Alegra as photographed by My Wife Bound.

If you'd like to fill your 2008 with similar calendars, visit http://www.graydancer.com and click on the "donate" button. $12 will guarantee you a monthly delivery of similar artwork to your inbox all year long. Subscriptions are only offered through the month of December, though, so sign up now...
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On the road in Vegas and L.A., segments of interviews with Amy Gahran and the Queen of Spain in Vegas and an in-depth (heh, heh) interview with Regina Lynn, sex columnist for Wired Magazine.

After this podcast, a bonus will be coming your way: a free Ropecast calendar, suitable for high-quality printing, for December. If you're interested in having your 2008 be rope-tastic as well, drop me a line at graydancer@gmail.com.
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Commentary on basic rope tie videos by Twisted Monk, Listener Mail & reactions to "Nawashi", review of Law & Order, & charming conversation with MeganMarie the Co-Ho
  1. n00b corner: Twisted Monk's 2-Column Tie Video Commentary
  2. Link to Nawashi, free e-book and trade paperback.
  3. Mark of DV8 House- Jute rope
  4. Come see Graydancer at Blogworld Expo
  5. And donations to the travel fund got MeganMarie's nekkid ass spanked in your honor!

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