The Michigan Trip! Graydancer (with special Co-Host Ms. Behavin) talks about the Michigan GRUE, including what do Doms, subs, & switches really want? Also Ann Arbor's TNG, the Complication, and Big Rope!
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El Cast de Cuerda en Mexico! Graydancer talks about the trip to Mexico, interviews Ama D.F. and Munsterprince, and encourages you to buy Monk's panties and register for Shibaricon.
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Hear Rita Seagrave's commentary on a couple of erotic Vegas shows, thanks to the sponsors of the Ropecast Tour (especially and Ropeoptica), and a primer for a bondage vocabulary to take south of the border into Mexico. Bonus! A question from the Nylon Enthusiast answered...

If you're wondering how to subscribe to the Ropecast, the easiest way is to go to and use the big orange subscription button. Or you can open up iTunes, click on "Advanced" in the top menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste that url  (  into the box. That will get you good and subscribed.

You can also listen to the Ropecast directly via your web browser here, and also download the actual MP3 files. Remember, nothing says "I Love You" this holiday season like a Ropecast mix CD.  If you're looking for archived Ropecasts, there are some still at the old site .


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An early holiday gift for you all: this PDF, suitable for high-quality printing, is a December calendar featuring some ropework by Graydancer, featuring the lovely Alegra as photographed by My Wife Bound.

If you'd like to fill your 2008 with similar calendars, visit and click on the "donate" button. $12 will guarantee you a monthly delivery of similar artwork to your inbox all year long. Subscriptions are only offered through the month of December, though, so sign up now...
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On the road in Vegas and L.A., segments of interviews with Amy Gahran and the Queen of Spain in Vegas and an in-depth (heh, heh) interview with Regina Lynn, sex columnist for Wired Magazine.

After this podcast, a bonus will be coming your way: a free Ropecast calendar, suitable for high-quality printing, for December. If you're interested in having your 2008 be rope-tastic as well, drop me a line at
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Commentary on basic rope tie videos by Twisted Monk, Listener Mail & reactions to "Nawashi", review of Law & Order, & charming conversation with MeganMarie the Co-Ho
  1. n00b corner: Twisted Monk's 2-Column Tie Video Commentary
  2. Link to Nawashi, free e-book and trade paperback.
  3. Mark of DV8 House- Jute rope
  4. Come see Graydancer at Blogworld Expo
  5. And donations to the travel fund got MeganMarie's nekkid ass spanked in your honor!

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Listener Mail, Graydancer plugs Juliet from SubKnit and Mistress Matisse, a preview of kinbaku on Law & Order, and what goes into a basic RopeKit? Note the REALLY meta info-picture...
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Graydancer gets back to basics: Why rope? Why NOT rope? What is your Defining Moment in Kink and how can you get there?

The Unfortunate Death of a Reverend is discussed with kink expert Mrs. B, and a review of Roxy Harte's "Sacred Secrets".

Plus a special offer just for YOU! Get your free download of Graydancer's e-book "Nawashi"

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In an effort to be noticed by the Religious Right and castigated like Polyweekly, Graydancer and friends produce the "Drunkcast", proving that talking about kinky websites, Midori Action Figures, and erotica podcasts can be as giggleful and raunchy as any public restroom inhabited by an Iowan senator.


Our sponsor, Twisted Monk.
Viviane's Sex Carnival
Inside Gloria's Oversexed Mind
Nobilis Erotica
(note: this was erroneously reported on the podcast. The above link is correct. Sorry, Nobilis)
Midwest Teen Sex Show
Polyamory Weekly

and check out Graydancer's recently released e-book, Nawashi, at

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This was one of the fun stunts at the Babes-in-Tieland event this weekend put on by C K of the Minnesota Bondage group. The evening started with a gallery of various bondage forms, from military bondage in full dress blues to a delicate Korean woman in her first kikkou-style karada to a hot Damsel-in-Distress in arm binders and fedora.

My own model, Symetrie, spent nearly 45 minutes inverted, a testament to the power of yoga to preserve one's kinky stamina. She then came out of that (and several variations) raring for more, including the idea to try this. QT_141592 and A_Petite_Blonde are the other two "babes" in this Babe-O-Mat, and they had a lot of fun. More pics are hopeful, but the best view is one that only my eyes saw.

I lay underneath them, watching their happy faces and boobies rotate above me. The dancer in me took over, and I asked them to grasp each others hands and push out. This resulted in a lovely bell-shaped arch ("I want that on my Xmas tree" one bystander muttered) for about five seconds - then they all came crashing back to the center. To bump heads, you might think...but no! The female form is graced with bumpers to prevent such accidents from happening, and they ended up just kind of...well...boinging against each other for a bit.

Many thanks to the group for inviting me up and letting me play in their sandbox. Looking forward to the next trip...
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