Graydancer lists some of his favorite gifts, like Batman and Lagavulin, then realizes the true spirit of the holidays and suggests gifts for other people:

  1. Rope: What, you thought something else? Jute is 2-for-1 at, and if you're fast you can get some Equality rope for a good cause at Twisted Monk.
  2. Calendars: Because being kinky takes all year. Take your pick of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar and/or Gassed Girls. Hey, who only has one calendar? Get both!
  3. Books: Seasonal choices are either Master K's Beauty of Kinbaku or the Two Knotty Boy's forthcoming Back on the Ropes.
  4. E-books: How about my own Nawashi? Oh, read it? Well, the Lust Chronicles is choc-full (or is that cock-full?) of kink, and Ropecast listener Peter Tupper's story in A Whisp of Steam is quite simply the best erotica I've ever read.
  5. Porn: Let's face it, we should get each other what we really want, but don't feel able to buy for ourselves. Porn! I talk about my personal favorite porn vendor, Chanta Rose (because I directed an upcoming segment for one of her sites)
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