Graydancer talks a bit about shibaricon, reviews Extreme Restraints' Sex Swing Stand, and then guest Arielle gives a live, very sexy review of the Power Box. This one is basically porn, folks...but listen for a special discount from Extreme Restraints.

Also, the Full Interview with Master K is now available for download. Apologies for the disparate audio levels; I worked on it as much as I could, but dammit, Jim, I'm a rigger, not a sound engineer.

ADDENDUM: Several people have expressed concern that I placed electrodes on Arielle's breasts in the podcast, when the general guideline is no e-stim above the waist. I have addressed these concerns in my other blog. Please read there before you email me with comments. Thank you!

ADDENDUM 2: Special thanks to Evan the KinkyCrafter for fixing many of the sound levels on the Master K interview. Interestingly, he did the same thing I did (ran it through the levelator) but it worked much better for him. Thanks also to Chaos for offering to help.
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